An Unkindness of Ravens

Caught between the treaty-breaking U.S. Army, the vengeful Sioux, and a frightened band of sooners mining a gulch of dead wood a year away from infamy, Pinkerton detective Blue Hawkins (deaf since the age of six due to an unkindness of ravens) tracks an arsonist responsible for the Great Chicago Fires of 1871 and '74 into the Black Hills, only to encounter a vicious killer who scalps and hangs his prey. Winner of the 2012 West Field Best of the West "Spurs" award with hopes of being adapted into a graphic novel.

Teaser video for "AUOR - Book One: All Barriers Burned!"
Pitch presentation for graphic novel adaptation with illustrations by Aaron McConnell. (Flash only)
Radio Play for "AUOR - Book One: All Barriers Burned!"
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